The VFSAC Mission

Formed in 2016, The Veterans Financial Services Advisory Council (VFSAC) is an independent collaborative led by executives from housing, banking, finance, and mortgage related companies to address the ongoing needs of veterans and their families in search of support related to housing and critical services.

Funds raised by VFSAC are directed to the organization’s network of charitable 501(c)(3) organizations with “boots on the ground” ensuring that our nation’s veterans are afforded the same physical, emotional, and financial security which they sacrificed to protect our nation.​

Our Objectives


VFSAC offers several opportunities throughout the year for the mortgage industry to come together and offer tangible support to our veterans through a series of in-person and online events, including the VFSAC Golf Classic, Auction Events, and the Execs for Vets Program​.

Corporate Responsibility​

VFSAC provides organizations with the opportunity and the tools to engage their employees in the meaningful work of providing for our nation’s veterans. For companies looking for unique and demonstrative ways to “give back”, VFSAC provides customizable materials and fundraising apparatus for team engagement and corporate donation matching.​


“Home”, is the place where military families flourish. It’s the place where roots are established, families and children grow, and returning service members contribute to the development of vibrant communities. Providing Home to our military heroes, is central to the mission of VFSAC. ​

Community Building​

VFSAC is committed to partnering with regional mortgage companies and communities to prevent urban blight by ensuring all donated Homes are rehabilitated to the standards of surrounding properties. ​