The VFSAC Mission

The Veterans Financial Services Advisory Council (VFSAC) brings together leaders from the financial services industry to raise awareness of a recognized and trusted 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, Operation Homefront.

Operation Homefront's mission is to 'build strong, stable, and secure military families' through multiple programs to support veterans and their families. They deliver critical financial assistance, transitional and permanent housing, and family support programs to military families throughout the year.

VFSAC Efforts

VFSAC Promotes 

  • The donation of homes from private investors, asset management companies, financial institutions, and mortgage companies
  • The donation of cash to help with rehabilitation of homes and/or to purchase homes

VFSAC Organizes

VFSAC organizes special events to raise funds for housing needs and other critical financial needs of veterans and their families

About Us​

Formed in 2016, VFSAC is an independent collaborative lead by executives from housing, banking, finance, and mortgage related companies to address the ongoing needs of veterans and their families in search of support related to housing and other critical services.  Funds raised by VFSAC are directed to Operation Homefront.